Kitchen design in Pakistan

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Kitchen design in Pakistan

Various ways of designing a kitchen in pakistan. Various designs of kitchen by pakistani designer a share too.

Counter tops

Counter tops are the most important part of a kitchen. When you are choosing a counter top, you have to keep certain things in mind for example, the size of your kitchen? How many windows does it have? What kind and color of a floor you have? What cabinets or storage shelves color you want to go for with your counter top.

Some of the very basic colors of counter tops are grey, white and black and you can find different combinations of colours and materials over here. You have lots of options, but you have to see your budget. Wooden counter tops and black granite counter tops wear off quickly than some of the others. It is mainly because of the weather conditions in our country and the way we use them. I would suggest you should go for a grey or grey and white counter top with white cabinets or light blue cabinets. It keeps your kitchen cool as well as doesn’t look much dusty. In case of white, it does catch dirt but it can be painted very easily, conveniently and economically.


   Your kitchen floor has to be tiles but non-slippery ones, as you have to handle everything, from water to dishwashing soap and grease. Keep it a low in color so it is easy to track down stains and it gives a cool and clean look when done. Some people have even opted for wooden floors in the kitchens but please don't opt for this option as your safety is of prime importance. Wood easily catches fire and kitchen is the place where we use fire most.

Kitchen gadgets

    Kitchen always looks good when not too cluttered. Do not clutter your kitchen with too many of your gadgets. A good size fridge in a corner, and oven on the shelf or installed in a cabinet and a hood hung over your stove is enough for a medium sized kitchen. Also, don't get enticed by large sized fridge and freezers if your kitchen is medium or small sized as it will create unlikeness. Rest of the gadgets should be kept or stored inside the storage cabinets to give your kitchen a neat look.

Storage cabinets

Too many storage cabinets in a medium sized or small sized kitchen will make it look too cluttered and shabby as well as untidy. Storage space is highly required in the kitchen but go easy with it. Do not over do your kitchen with too many storage space.

Managing traffic

    Always keep the wise “kitchen triangle” in mind when building or renovating your kitchen. There should be enough space for you to move around between your stove and fridge and to your sink. The space between these three should at least be enough to carry out chores even if you have a helper around you in the same area.

Placing of sink

        Placing of sink is very important in the kitchen. It should have a whole vacant countertop. While washing the dishes you need a good empty space, not already cluttered dishes lying around, no gadgets around. The sink should have a good big space all for itself so water and washed dishes don’t disturb the rest of the stuff in your kitchen.

Exhaust system

Exhaust system has to be great so that your whole house doesn’t tell what’s cooking in…..or your guests do not get irritated by what is burning in the kitchen. Even all of the family members should not get annoyed by different types of smells on different days. Give a good big window in your kitchen. Go for a good hob on your stove and get it installed by a specialist. I would recommend that don't save money when you are investing on ventilation of kitchen. It really effects on your kitchen over all. All the smoke and steam has to be let out of the kitchen immediately.

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