Floor design in Pakistan

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Floor design in Pakistan

Floors are the most important part of the houses in Pakistan, which should be chosen and dealt with carefully. When turning on to building, furnishing or re doing your floor there are a few options you can choose from.

There are many more choices than just 5 different substances or materials you can use on your floor. But, basically, it breaks down into 5 types: Laminate, Stone, Tiles, Carpet, and Hardwood. The type of flooring you choose can heavily impact the value of your home for the better. The cost obviously counts while choosing your options.

All the types of floors mentioned come with good and bad points. Laminations, though costs less but varies off more quickly than any other type of flooring, plus the weather conditions play a great part too.

Stones are expensive as compare to carpets and laminations, they don’t give a beautiful finished look to the floor until some expensive grinding and polish isn’t used. If your budget allows it, it’s worth trying.

Carpeting is very difficult to take care of. Good carpeting is no doubt expensive then most of our flooring options. It catches dust promptly, as soon as exposed to it and is hard to clean. It is not recommended in hotter climate areas as it generates more heat and is considered to keep the colder environments warm.

Tiles are a very good option. They have a huge variety available in designs and textures. When I talk about textures I literally mean, there are different textured tiles available in the market. Some are rough and some are very smooth and polished. I would prefer my readers to buy a little course surfaced tiles, as smooth tiles are often very slippery if exposed to even very little moisture or wetness. There are variety of designs and colors available so you can play around with your interior very easily.

Wooden floor is very ravishing to look at, extravagantly beautiful but very hard to take care of in extreme weather conditions. It needs to be polished and mended if chipped off on a half yearly basis. It is heavy on the pocket as well.

I hope you would chose wisely when your house comes to that level of construction.

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