35x65 floor design plan with basement

35x65 floor design plan with basement

By Gharplans

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The house plan has 3 stories in total and accommodates space for parking two cars. The total living area is optimized to 2,777 sq ft by giving sufficient open spaces.

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Total Area2275 sq ft
Width35 ft
Depth65 ft
Covered Area2777 sq ft
Powder RoomYes
Garage Bays
Ground Floor Area1535 sq ft
First Floor Area914 sq ft
Basement Area328 sq ft
Basement Area328 sq ft
Living Room Area304 sq ft
Drawing Room Area196 sq ft
Powder Room Area37 sq ft
Store Room Area73 sq ft
Study Room Area48 sq ft
Laundry Area290 sq ft
Patio Area290 sq ft
Garage Area432 sq ft
Bedroom 111 ft x 14 ft
Bedroom 211 ft x 14 ft
Bedroom 312 ft x 14 ft
Bath 14.6 ft x 7.6 ft
Bath 25.3 ft x 8 ft
Bath 36 ft x 14 ft
Kitchen 19 ft x 8.2 ft
    • Basement
    • Powder Room
    • 2 Kitchen and if option be make one as a store

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