Always Stayed one step ahead, kept me informed of any changes, and worked so well with our budget constraints and bye-laws guidelines. There were no surprises as to costs of completion timing and this was very much appreciated. I felt privileged that the Gharplans team gave so much attention to this project and I thank you for it. The fact that you and the team handled every part of the construction was just great! Your assistance in recommending the best unit for my needs was invaluable.
by Mr. Saadoon Tahir
I had a serious problem as I was in a smaller town and wanted to get my house designed professionally. I just called them for getting some ideas but they were so friendly and guided me so well that I knew I was at the right place. I had not paid a single penny during the first meeting but they still kept on guiding me and giving me ideas. Once the order was placed they came up with multiple ideas and options. The only negative was that they took a little extra time but then it was done to come up with a design close to my ideal house. God bless the Gharplans team
by Akhtar Malik


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Build to Impress!

Plan for house designs in Pakistan should be considered of great importance during house construction. House construction activity and service can be tricky if you don’t plan the house well. House sizes start from 3 marla5 marla, 8 marla to 10 marlas and large sized houses are generally 1 kanal, 2 kanal or 4 kanal.
Houses might be larger than that but majority of houses are designed in these ranges.The smaller houses are considered to be 3 marla to 5 marla houses, medium sized houses are 10 marlas and 1 kanal houses whereas large sized houses start from 4 kanal to 5 kanal.
There is less playing field in small house during the design phase as 5 marla house plan or 5 marla house design of one house will have interior design very similar to house design of another 5 marla house. On the other hand, house construction for smaller houses is easier as you find multiple house construction service providers. As quantity of houses constructed in this niche is very high so learning curve of house construction service providers have improved a lot.
The basic thing you need to focus on is that you need an honest service provider for architectural services and building construction services. On the other hand, larger houses can have versatility in house designs and house plans in Pakistan. A 5 kanal house design for example can have multiple open spaces and can also have interior design including both mandatory rooms and optional rooms.
House designing is an interactive process so when you are designing or planning your house, you should understand that house plan is of utmost importance but you should not ignore front elevation and interior design of every room. Your front elevation should be well gelled with the interior designs as every room should have synergy.
The interior design should include 2D and 3D multiple views of every room with complete clarity to you as well as your building construction service provider. The architectural service provider should provide all the blueprints of these documents to incorporate in construction and the construction service provider should understand each of these including house plan, front elevation, side elevation, structural drawings, plumbing drawings and interior design of every room.
If the house is planned well, it will end up in a dream home for you.

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