Gharplans.pk intends to help community construct a safe, comfortable and intimate house by developing, collecting, consolidating house related information and hence sharing it with others.


We really found some great people who developed this idea, implemented it but every day we are adding new people which are even greater and they are working with us and volunteering with us in order to make this concept successful.


Centre is users. Rest all revolves around them:

Users have to pick and choose what they want so shouldn’t everything revolve around them. We cannot decide or our products cannot decide who the users will be. Can they? It is the users that have to decide what to deliver them, who should deliver them and where to deliver them.

Solution has to be provided as quick as possible maybe most of the times instantaneously:

Solution has to be provided as quick as possible maybe most of the times instantaneously. People come to our website to gain knowledge and find solutions to their house and housing needs. We intend to give them quick and reliable solutions. May it be house plan or a layout plan with front elevation, a person wants to start a house instantaneously, he or she can do it where the layout plan will be available ready made. Similarly, they will have 3d designs of bathrooms, bedrooms, dinning rooms, kitchens, stores, living rooms where they will be able to see how their house looks like.

Your culture, your friends, your traditions, your parents your relatives, your house all are local so how can gharplans.com be international:

Your culture, your friends, your traditions, your parents your relatives, your house all are local so is gharplans.com. We will find you ready made house plans FREE as we have developed hundreds of home plans with front elevations and have shared it on our website. We will be starting website in few other countries very soon. The house plans which fit your environment and applicable to your country are uploaded on your country website. Similarly, pictures of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets and living room etc are localized as the 3d designs will be available for your area and culture.

There is a way to do it better, find it (Thomas Edison)

Yes, there are always ways of improving your house and doing the things better way to save your cost and time. We have been in a continuous pursuit to come up with such ideas which will make users find a better way to do the housing ideas.

Can expect more than “Great”

We try our best to share good, excellent and even great house plans, photos and blogs but your expectation can be higher than that. You can get them customized for your home by getting amendments for the layout plan or a room and maybe get a customized idea for your house needs. So, you look at idea, come up with a solution that meets your needs and environment and we will customize it according to your requirements.


We want to go through a journey where we understand every need of house and housing and provide you with the best possible and cost effective solution. Hence, the journey of making a new home or renovating existing home should begin here.  You can search plan according to your plot or lot size or you can also search house plans with your requirements of no. of bedrooms or bathrooms. Similarly, you will find photos and 3d drawings of various rooms FREE and you can copy them when renovating any room of your house.

You can also get the house plan developed from the scratch. If you don’t want complete solution, you can get one storey of your house designed, a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. of your house designed. We find best people in their field and want them to provide you with the solution. In the initial stage some services like landscaping of lawn etc. will not be available but we will soon be providing these services too.


As we have already mentioned that this website will revolve around your needs and you don’t have to revolve around the website so your suggestions to further improve the website will be more than welcome as we are making improvements in it every day. You can search house plans, save the plan that you feel will be fit for your home, print it and get it customized from us.

Architects and Designers, this is a place for you too. You can send us the designs and house plans and we will upload them with your company logo alongwith it. Also, builders, first time home owners and existing home owners we have ideas and suggestions for all of you.