Tips to make your house and Pakistan Green

Tips to make your house and Pakistan Green

Tips to make your house and Pakistan Green

Following are the few tips to make your house and our country green:

- Install solar power generation system according to your budget and requirements
- Have/ keep plants inside your house. Try those plants which emit maximum oxygen
- Start pot vegetable plantation or make a roof garden
- If you are constructing a house leave as much lawn space as you can
- Harvest/ use rainwater as water is getting scarce especially in larger cities like Karachi
- Spend some money on insulating. Start with the roof. There are lots of solutions of doing it starting from raw inexpensive ones to high tech expensive long term ones
- Whenever you are able to sell your appliances and have additional cash to buy new, convert to energy efficient appliances
- Change your lights maybe gradually to energy efficient lights
- Don't save on electrical wiring when constructing a house
- Don't buy thin clothes for curtains rather go for thick curtains
- Monitor and manage your energy consumption
- If possible buy water saving taps which close automatically once you are not using them

Let's give better environment to our kids


  • March 22, 2017 8:01 am

    Good advice to make our houses green

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