It is natural that humans get attracted to the appearance of things. In case of houses we get fascinated by the exterior elevations of houses. A house is reflection of your personal needs requirements and your personality so everyone tries their best to make their homes beautiful in every aspect. Different design strategies can be adapted to embellish your front elevation. There are several processes that can be done to make your elevation aesthetically pleasing. In Pakistan people mostly opt for two options either paints or tiles for their elevation design. It is a personal preference.

You should have basic knowledge of both in order to decide which one is better suited for your needs. For Painting the exteriors is important for you to know the guidelines on paint color, primer quality and most importantly the weather conditions as these are important factors that play deciding roles in the overall look of your exterior design. Choosing the paint for your exterior walls is crucial part. There are two types of exterior paints one of them is latex paint it is water based and best suited for exterior wall as it is easier to maintain and can be cleaned with soap and water. One of the major advantages of latex paint is that it dries fast.

The other type of paint is oil based which do not dry completely. After deciding the quality of the paint the next step is calculating the quantity of paint for the area of each side of the wall. The Labor for paint in Pakistan is Rs. 65- 75 per square foot. Weather shield paint life span is 4- 5 years. One of the disadvantages of paint on the exterior is its short life span but it can be advantage too giving you room for improvement and change. When you plan an exterior paint job for your house it is very important to see the kind of environment in which your color will appear, the neighboring houses even the trees and shrubs will affect the appearance. The color choice however is a personal matter. Some of the popular color combinations include the earthen tones: shades of tan, brown, gray beige and off white.

Once you have selected the color visualize it in both sunlit and shaded setting. The other choice of material for your house exterior is tile cladding a very popular choice these days. There are various options in tiles; stone tiles, Red brick tiles (gutka) wooden glazed ceramic tiles. The positive aspect of using tiles is that they are long term i.e. they have a lifer span of a lifetime. They are a bit expensive but worthwhile. They are easier to maintain but are expensive. The cost of stone tile is Rs. 150- 200 per square ft. Brick tile has 4 types they are available from Rs. 60 – 120 per square ft. Glazed pattern tiles are available in the range of Rs. 75 – 80 per sq ft. The choice of material depends on you, how you want to make the exterior of your house more personalized and reflection of your identity.


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