Quick tips for painting your house

quick tips for painting your house

Quick tips for painting your house

Everything changes over time from human nature to objects around. It is the characteristic of human life to demand change. Living in the same house can be boring you can spice up your life again by changing the interiors remodeling or painting depending on your budget.

Once you have decided to change something about your house and go for re painting the house. A proper house painting project will change the look of your house. Most people repaint the house as with time the paint gets damaged and cracks appear.

Why should you paint? The major reasons to opt for painting your house are to change the overall look. By adding new paint to your façade make the exterior more appealing to everyone around you. Also a paint job can increase the value of your home.  Choose the precise colors that will make your house more noticeable and go well together with your green areas. Decide which color scheme you are going to use and stick to it.

In our previous blog we already described the types of paints used in exterior finishes. In order for you to have a basic knowledge of the painting process we have described the various stages involved in an exterior and interior paint job.

First step is selecting the paint for your walls:

Choose the type of paint you want for interiors you can select oil based paints or latex paints for exterior however latex paint is better choice as it comes with a weather shield and has shorter drying period.

Find the quantity of paint required. You can consult a professional in this regard. Even the handy man you have hired can give you a rough estimate for the entire paint job.

Cleaning walls is the first step for exterior and interior wall painting. If you do not remove the old paint from the walls and just repaint it, This could result in flaking of the new paint along the old one. Walls should be completely cleaned with sandpaper or wire brush.

Caulking and masking. Caulking is a procedure used to fill gaps in the wall. It provides insulation to the house it is a growing practice these days.  For exterior walls the cracks are filled up with cement and sand mix which is in the ratio of 1:3. Roof and drainage pipes should be carefully examined if they are cracked or rusted repair them.

Next step is application of primer on the exterior wall is not commonly practiced in Pakistan but the primer helps the paint to stick on the walls. It acts as the glue between the paint and the surface of the wall.

Application of paint is the next step. Paint should be applied in coats. Minimum 8 hour window should be given to completely dry off one coat.

Weather condition is also a big factor to consider while painting your house. Choose a moderate temperature as too hot and too cold weather affects the process of painting.

Happy Painting season!



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