Various types of tiles in Pakistan


Various types of tiles in Pakistan

Various types of tiles in Pakistan:

A tile is a manufactured piece of hard wearing material made of stone , wood, ceramic generally used for covering floor cladding walls and roofs. Tiles range from simple square tiles to complicated mosaics. The most common material for manufacturing tiles is ceramic. Other materials commonly used are concrete, brick, stone, wood and other composite materials. Depending on the space where you want to clad the tile, these come in variety of ranges.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are available in variety of types and each with a different quality. These tiles can be used as an alternative to natural hardwood floor. For high traffic areas, ceramic tiles are best to be used.  These tiles are categorized based on their finishing.

  • Unglazed ceramics
  • Glazed ceramics
  • Single glaze
  • Double glaze


Ceramic tiles are easier to install and maintain. They are easier to clean as they have a plane surface. For areas as kitchens and bathrooms where water is used it is advisable to use glazed ceramic tiles to prevent seepage. They are bit more slippery though. These are easy to maintain and come in variety of ranges to suit your needs.

These tiles come in different shapes and sizes.  For wall tiles the sizes are 22x66cm, 33x66cm, 27x77cm, 30x45cm, 20x50cm, 20x60cm.

Floor tiles have different sizes. They range from 15x90cm, 60x60cm, 40x40cm, 30x30cm, 100x100cm.


Clay Tiles or Terracotta tiles:

People have been mining clay and firing it into tiles for their roofs for ages. Roof tiles are very affordable and have a long life. They are available in red and brown shades and their permanence is guaranteed. Plain clay tiles are very sustainable as they are extremely durable.

Three types of clay tiles are available:

  • Clay roof tiles: these include Clay Roof Tile – Interlock, Clay half round tile, clay roof rocket tile, clay French tiles, clay book tile, clay flat plate tile, clay taper tool tile, clay roof leaf tile, clay roof tile- Interlock, clay German tile, clay double cooler tile, clay barrel tile.
  • Clay floor tiles: These include Floor square tiles, Floor hexagon tiles, Clay floor fan wing tile, floor flower tile, joint floor hexagon tile, square dot tile, tile borders. These are general pavers used in outdoor areas.
  • Clay brick wall tiles: These are commonly known as Gutka and are available in variety of sizes.


Stone or Marble Tiles:

Stone tiles include Marble tiles for floors and walls.


  • Verona is very popular natural stone in Pakistan. The beautiful beige color is perfect for general flooring areas of the house. It is priced according to the texture variations.
  • Black and gold is another commonly used stone in Pakistan. It is known as Pakistani Portoro as it has black background with white and gold lines and spots.
  • Indus gold is another premium material in Pakistan. It is available in uniform gold color with different tones and is usually used in floors as well as walls.
  • River beige also known as fossil beige and fancy marble. The textures in the stone are actually fossil reserves. The lining and flowing texture pattern makes an amazing floor design.
  • Ziarat White has a pure white background with a black asymmetrical pattern.
  • Oceanic gray is another natural stone in Pakistan. Its texture is composed of sea shell fossils.
  • Olive brown is a new quarry found recently. It is also called as coffee brown.
  • Yellow sandstone is very popular wall finish tile in Pakistan. It is very popular due to its yellow finish and price. It is mostly used as cladding stone.


Concrete tiles:

As the name indicates these tiles are made up of concrete. This is a relatively new design in exterior floorings and wall design concrete tiles are available in matchless combination of quality and stunning looks. It can be  designed into several combinations using different colors and laying patterns.

These include Circle paving tiles, concrete face wall tiles, concrete roof tiles, precast pavers and stone effect tiles.

Mosaic tiles:

These are normally used for ornamentation purposes. Broadly they are divided into four categories. 

  1. Marble mosaic wall tiles are stone mosaics for your walls.
  2. Green onyx Mosaic tiles can be manufactured according to your requirement.
  3. Split stone veneer tiles are great for outdoor walls and they create a stunning display.
  4. Brick mosaic is the part of our heritage handed down by the great Mughals.


Rubber Floor Tiles:

These have great uses in commercial and residential settings. They are commonly used as protection for easily breakable floor. Some common uses include flooring of garage, workshops, patios, swimming pool decks, sport courts, gyms, and dance floors.


Plastic Floor Tiles:

Plastic floor tiles are suitable for heavy traffic areas, wet floors which are subject to movement, dampness and have usage of oil, grease or other substances. Common uses of these tiles in Pakistan are factory floors, garages, gyms and sports complexes, schools and shops. The usage of such floors can be found in houses too but is not very popular.


Ceiling tiles:

Ceiling tiles are lightweight tiles used within buildings. They are placed in an aluminum grid; they provide little thermal insulation but are normally designed either to improve the acoustics of a room or to decrease the volume of air being heated or cooled.


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