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How do i search for a specific house plan?
There is a search box on the homepage where you can enter your criteria and you will find different house maps meeting your criteria. You can also go to house types and search for a specific types of house plans e.g. house with basement, standard house, odd plot layout etc. You can also view house plans by clicking on the top menu of the home on the link of House Plans. You should keep your search a bit broader when searching a house plan. When we are suggesting to keep the search a bit broader, the reason is that we want to look at more options and make sure that you reach an option which is ideal for your needs rather than compromising on your needs. Most of the times you will have to tweak around with the layout plan as you might need a lesser lawn or smaller pathway towards back side so keep yourself flexible.
How do i place order on your website?
There is a link on the top menu for the website where you can click and go to the page where you have to enter your dimensions and what you require to get done e.g. interior design, house plan, front elevation, house plan and front elevation both, structural drawing, interior design of a specific room or you can opt for all the services. We also offer services of estimation of structural material and finished material where you will get detail of every material used in your house. This will help you in reduction of pilferage during construction of house. Once you have selected the services that you plan to get, click on the "Submit" button and it will tell you your complete bill and will ask you to make payment of 50% advance. Once 50% advance is received by us, we will start working on the assignment. Upon partial completion of task and after submission of few drafts to you, we will send you the invoice of balance 50% which you will have to pay through our website again. If you opt for all the services total amount is high and we don't want you to make 50% payment in advance so we have split that in 5 equal installments of 20% each but temporarily you will have to deposit this amount in our bank account. So, you can send payment to us through the following mediums:

Transfer in our bank account. Our bank account no. is HABB0022687106285255, Account title is Ghar Plans Pakistan and the bank is Habib Bank Limited
Pay us through Credit or Debit Card
Make us payment through Easy Paisa

You can also place order for construction but this service is currently offered in Lahore and Islamabad

We only provide turnkey solution in construction. You will have to come into our office for the negotiation and complete requirements for this purpose

How do i register?
There is a button on the top menu highlighted "Register". Simply click there, provide us some of the relevant information and register with us. Your username and password will be sent to you e mail account. Just add the username, paste that password and the first thing that we recommend is that change the password and enter a new password which you feel is appropriate and can be remembered by you. Once you have done that, you will get access to lots of added functionalities.

There is a option while you are registering which will ask you that are you a professional or non professional. If you register as professional, you will be able to add house plans, interiors and blogs of your own. Please make sure that it is your own created content. You can upload your company logo, your website information and your contact information which will be visible to the users of this website and of course your creations will be visible to them too.
What if i don't find a house related service on your website that i want to get? What should i do in that case?
You should write us down on info@gharplans.pk and share with us what you need to get done and we will respond to you promptly.
How do you deliver me the services that i require?
We are online based and we deliver you the products through e mail which you will have to print yourselves. It is recommended that you print them through coloured printer especially in case of interiors and front elevations. You can print house plans and structural drawings through black and white printer even.
Can you deliver in any country in the world?
Yes, we can deliver services in any part of the world. We have versatile resources of architects and interior designer and they have experience of completing tasks in different countries but if you still have any doubt you can mail us at info@gharplans.com and we will reply back to you with the details of what services we will be able to provide in your country.
When will i get the product once i place the order?
As you can understand there has to be continuous interaction between us and yourself and there can be changes quite a few time so providing any specific delivery time will not be possible but just giving you an example, we try to give you the complete house layout plan with its 3D elevation (if you have ordered for it) in one month time.
The house plan or interior design service is delayed? How to contact you?
You can contact us anytime at info@gharplans.pk. We will give you quick reply and inform you about the status and if it is really getting delayed, we will make sure that we expedite it.
Are the prices negotiable?
No our prices are fixed and we have kept the prices very low as compared to the industry norms. We focus and quality and have hired the best architects and interior designers as we do not compromise on quality so we are fixed on prices.
In which cases can i claim returns on payments?
You can claim returns on payments if there has been a faulty map or layout plan sent to you and that not at all meets what is required by you. This will be scrutinized though and we will have to check within our team that why such incidence has occurred. We will try to provide best service but if such thing happens, we sincerely regret for any inconvenience caused.
How will i receive my refund?
You will be receiving your refund through a cheque or transferring money back in your bank account.
How long will it take to process my refund?
Your refund will be processed within two weeks but there could be some delays at the banking end.
What can i find on www.gharplans.pk?
You can find house maps i.e. layout plans of different sizes of plots with their 3D front elevations. In addition to that, you will also be able to find photos and pictures of interior designs of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, study room etc. We also offer blogs where you get innovative as well as creative ideas on home improvement and renovation and tips to make it a more liveable place. Another feature which we have started for now and you will not find much details in that section is building bye laws of various societies. We are building on it and soon you will find lots of information there.
What are the services which i can get free on this website?
There are certain free services which you could enjoy on our website. These services include:
  • Access to all the house plans with their 3D front elevation
  • Access to pictures and photos of kitchens, bathrooms, drawing rooms, TV lounge, Hall, Patio, Dinning Room etc.
  • Advice, ideas, creativity in the blog section where you can read through the posts of reliable writers
  • Building bye laws of different societies of Pakistan
Posting of layout plan or interior or exterior design photos. This option is for photographers, architects, interior designers and landscape designers where you could not only post your creativity but also advertise your brand or yourself. While posting, please make sure that it is your self created content and not copied or pasted from any other website or designer.
What services can i buy from your website?
You can place order for the following service regarding home interior decoration and designing:
  • House Plan
  • Front Elevation
  • House Plans and Front Elevation both
  • Interior Design of complete House
  • Interior Design of Room
  • Structural Drawings
  • Estimation of construction material and finished material used when you will be constructing house
  • Supervision services (Only valid in Lahore and Islamabad)
  • House construction on turnkey basis (Only for Lahore and Islamabad)
Please visit http://www.gharplans.pk/payments for detailed pricing.