4 marla house design

4 marla house design

This 4 Marla house design has been designed with a basement and patio. The complete layout plan and front 3d elevation is available. The front and width of this 4 Marla house design is 30’x30’. On the ground floor there is a huge hall and kitchen is kept open but if you want a closed kitchen, you can easily get the plan customized. On the other hand, there is closed kitchen on the first floor too. If the requirement is such that one kitchen is required, you can convert one of the kitchen’s to a store. Second floor has a servant but bathroom is not attached with the servant.

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Gharplans terms of use

Total Area900 sq ft
Width30 ft
Depth30 ft
Covered Area2925 sq ft
Powder RoomYes
Facade Dark off white paint and Grey paint touch.
Ground Floor Area 900 sq ft
First Floor Area 900 sq ft
Second Floor Area 375 sq ft
Basement Area 750 sq ft
Living Area 217 sq ft
Drawing Room Area 143 sq ft
Powder Room Area 47 sq ft
Study Room Area 143 sq ft
Laundry Area 17 sq ft
Bedroom 1 11 ft x 10 ft
Bedroom 2 11 ft x 10 ft
Bedroom 3 12 ft x 11 ft
Bedroom 4 12 ft x 10 ft
Bath 1 5 ft x 5.7 ft
Bath 2 5 ft x 5.7 ft
Bath 3 4 ft x 7.5 ft
Bath 4 5.7 ft x 5 ft
Kitchen 1 11 ft x 9 ft
Kitchen 2 8 ft x 12 ft
    • Basement
    • 2 Kitchens
    • Storage Den

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