5 marla house front elevation

5 marla house front elevation

5 Marla house front elevation has been aesthetically designed keeping in view the inner layout of the house. The front elevation gives a simple look yet is elegant. On the area of 5 Marla, you get living option of 4 bedrooms with 4 attached bathrooms. The house is designed in a way that it has powder room, study room, 2 kitchens and 2 patios. The Patio’s are designed to provide ventilation and can be used for plantation purposes. Windows, and lots of them, are a hallmark of this eye-opening design. Outdoor patios are frequently viewed as an extension of indoor living space. Whether it's comprised of stone, brick or concrete, this paved area is often used as a socializing location, especially when there’s a grill or fire pit present. Throw in an outdoor dining set and some patio decor, and it can also become your favorite eating spot!

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Gharplans terms of use

Total Area1125 sq ft
Width25 ft
Depth45 ft
Covered Area1845 sq ft
Powder RoomYes
Garage Bays1
Facade Grey Blocks with wooden colour
Ground Floor Area 940 sq ft
First Floor Area 794 sq ft
Second Floor Area 110 sq ft
Living Area 140 sq ft
Drawing Room Area 121 sq ft
Powder Room Area 17 sq ft
Study Room Area 121 sq ft
Laundry Area 83 sq ft
Garage Area 138 sq ft
Bedroom 1 11.7 ft x 11 ft
Bedroom 2 11 ft x 11 ft
Bedroom 3 11.7 ft x 11 ft
Bedroom 4 11 ft x 11 ft
Bath 1 4.6 ft x 6 ft
Bath 2 4.6 ft x 6 ft
Bath 3 4.6 ft x 6 ft
Bath 4 4.6 ft x 6 ft
Kitchen 1 6 ft x 6.6 ft
Kitchen 2 6 ft x 6.6 ft
    • Study Room
    • 2 Kitchens
    • 2 Patios
    • Study Room

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