1 kanal house map

1 kanal house map

This 1 kanal house map has been constructed in Lahore, Pakistan and has total living area of 5,688 square feet. This 1 Kanal house map has 6 bedrooms with attached bathrooms in total. There are two entrances to the house one is the main entrance the other is the side entrance through the kitchen. Living and drawing rooms are on one side of the entrance lobby, whereas the dining room and kitchen are on the other side. The living room has a curvature keeping it aesthetically pleasing and at the same time maintaining visual harmony. The stairs are designed on one side of the house so this adds to the benefit of giving off a portion on rental basis. The maid's room is on the second floor.

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Gharplans terms of use

Total Area4500 sq ft
Width50 ft
Depth90 ft
Covered Area5688 sq ft
Powder RoomYes
Garage Bays3
Facade White painr, wooden colour pergolas and grey tiles
Ground Floor Area 3010 sq ft
First Floor Area 2328 sq ft
Second Floor Area 350 sq ft
Living Area 385 sq ft
Drawing Room Area 288 sq ft
Powder Room Area 30 sq ft
Dining Room Area 190 sq ft
Laundry Area 100 sq ft
Garage Area 358 sq ft
Bedroom 1 13 ft x 14 ft
Bedroom 2 13 ft x 16 ft
Bedroom 3 13 ft x 15 ft
Bedroom 4 13 ft x 14 ft
Bedroom 5 13 ft x 16 ft
Bedroom 6 13 ft x 15 ft
Bath 1 8 ft x 6 ft
Bath 2 8 ft x 7 ft
Bath 3 8 ft x 6 ft
Bath 4 8 ft x 6 ft
Bath 5 8 ft x 7 ft
Bath 6 8 ft x 6 ft
Kitchen 1 20 ft x 12 ft
Kitchen 2 20 ft x 12 ft
    • Big lawn
    • 6 bedrooms with dress and baths
    • Full Airey House
    • Big Laundry area
    • Powder Room
    • 3 car parking

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