Sensational 1 Kanal House Front Elevation in 3d Design


  • 45
  • Covered Area

1 Kanal House Front Elevation

This all-white classical elevation is in trend these days. Such elevation is preferred by every single person who likes classical elevation.

Elevation-1 Kanal House Front Elevation

The front elevation is designed in Classical Style. It is designed in all white which is the classic color for such elevation. The cornicing running on the top of the house makes such a beautiful crown that gives it a grand and majestic look. The ornamentation on the walls gives a decorative element to the elevation that enhances its beauty and make it seem more palatial than it already is. Overall, the elevation is grand and luxurious.

The only difference between the two elevations is the screen design. For first option, the screen is made in check style in concrete and then painted white to match the overall elevation. For second option, the screen is black pattern made in MS. Although in contrast to white elevation, it matches perfectly with the black window frames. Overall, the elevations are beautiful and quite in trend.

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Updated on January 31, 2023 at 3:03 am
  • Design Size: 45 feet

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