Bathroom tiles design in Pakistan at affordable rates


  • 9'-1½"x6'-7½"
  • Covered Area

Affordable bathroom tiles design in Pakistan

There are multiple options for bathroom tiles design in Pakistan that make it difficult for people in choosing the particular style for the bathrooms.

Having a properly designed interior for a bathroom is becoming a priority for almost everyone. People these days are having their bathrooms designed professionally by an interior designer. It is comparatively difficult to design an interior of a bathroom that is both nice and simple with over doing it. So, here we will be sharing with a few options for bathroom interiors that are just right for average sized bathrooms.

Option 1

As the bathroom is average sized, the toilet, vanity and shower cabin are placed on the same wall. These spaces are separated by the multiple tiles used. If you take a look, all these areas are separated by different textured or patterned tiles. The wall of vanity area is adorned with off-white and beige patterned tile with off-white textured tile flooring. The toilet area has taken a 180 turn to vanity area as dark shades of brown is used both on walls and flooring to break the light tones. Furthermore, the shower area, separated by a glass door, is as same as the vanity area. Overall, this bathroom is beautiful.

Option 2

In this option, the designer has taken a completely different direction of interior. It is opposite to the first option in a way that dark shades are dominant in this interior. The strip of light grey rectangular tiles highlights the toilet space. The vanity is a mix of grey shades and white tones. Since rest of the interior is comparatively light, the flooring is done in darkest shade of grey. It ties the whole bathroom together.

Option 3

As far as this option of bathroom design is concerned, it is in contrast to the other two options as it is more towards simplicity and minimalism. Overall, the interior is done in off-white textured tiles. Only the shower area and vanity are done green tiles. All in all, the interior is simple.

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Updated on March 13, 2023 at 3:18 am
  • Design Size: 9'-1½"x6'-7½" feet

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