Best 7 Marla House Front Designs to be Constructed


  • 30' Wide
  • Covered Area

Best 7 Marla house Front designs

These are some of the best options for 7 Marla house front designs. Elevation designing for small houses is difficult for both residents and designers as they don’t have a wide canvas to play with. So, our team has come up with some options on how one can design the elevation of 7 Marla House that is aesthetically pleasing and elegant without doing too much to the facade.

Option 1: 7 Marla House Front designs

The side of main mass is lined with rock wall encasing the travertine wall finish. This mass is the eye-catching face of front elevation. This style is paired with wooden textured louvers/ panel to add another element to the facade while giving it a complete look. Overall, it is a good elevation.

Option 2

Although its more or less same color combination as the first option, this elevation still has its own elements that makes it different. The wooden louvers are now incorporated in the main front mass as well while keeping the travertine as basic material. The rock wall of different pattern is done in the back so that the mass at the back also stands out and adds its beauty factor to the elevation. Overall, it is a decent elevation.

Option 3

The massing of main facade has changed in this option. The main front mass has now a rectangular band at front, off-white and brown respectively. Although the materials are the same, lighter tones of color are now used to simplify the elevation a bit.

Option 4

In the final option, it can be said that it is the combination of all previous elevations as it has some sort of element in its design taken from the other elevations. Travertine is as is in the elevation. Light wood is used for louvers to tone down the dark grey band on the front. the rock wall is used to highlight the space at the back. Overall, the elevation is beautiful for 7 Marla House.

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Updated on March 11, 2023 at 11:43 pm
  • Design Size: 30' Wide feet

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