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  • 16'-0"x14'-0"

These best bedroom themes and designs are styled and interiors are done for free for you to choose. The theme of the bedrooms is designed in Contemporary style which looks quite elegant.

The first design is Grey and white contemporary interior. The bed back is designed in rather a simple way. The grey wall with white moldings looks absolutely gorgeous with white and grey marble flooring. Furthermore, the Bed set with with grey accent chairs fits in to the theme perfectly. The dark grey simple yet modern wardrobe design adds color to the interior to break the otherwise white interior.

The second option is yet another design for the same. The diagonal mirror strips running along the length of bed back cuts yellow-off white surface , thus creating a unique focal wall. The rest of the interior is kept in shades of white color. The black L-shaped strips running behind the circular mirrors enhances the already contemporary style. The furniture style has a bit of classical touch but goes well with the bed back.

For third option, the bedroom design of bed back is designed in beige with diagonal pattern cutting the otherwise plain surface. The full length mirrors running on the sides gives wide effect to the room. The off white brick pattern adds texture to the room.

For the final option, This simple bedroom design is absolutely beautiful. The off white squared pattern molding is the focal of the room. The bed set is quite simple and looks amazing against the half grey wall.

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Updated on March 11, 2023 at 11:45 pm

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