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  • 28'-6"x14'-10½"
  • Covered Area

TV lounge design Pakistan

This is a new TV lounge design Pakistan with interior of dining and sitting space combine. It is quite common to combine dinning and sitting area into one space if there are space constraints. This is an easy task but designing an interior of such multipurpose space is more challenging. Our team has taken up this challenge and executed rather well. The outcome is absolutely gorgeous and elegant as shown in the pictures.

The Interior Design

the interior design is done in Modern style. The designers have taken a different approach while designing this multipurpose space. Most interior for such spaces is designed in a subtle tones, beige and off-white etc., and make the space look sophisticated.

In this interior, the main focal of the entire room is the media wall. The dark blue media wall with black intricate patterns in combination with woodwork gives such a perfect blend of elegance and sophistication with vibrancy. The media wall is not only the eye-catching rather it also acts a cohesive element that ties the whole space in a single unit.

The furniture selection is done rather smartly. Instead of placing the furniture that was in more or less same as the media wall, the interior would have looked overwhelming. By placing the grey furniture in contrast to interior in blue and wood, the place looks lively and creative.

Overall, the space looks appealing and elegant and is absolutely practical for small area.

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Updated on March 11, 2023 at 11:52 pm
  • Design Size: 28'-6"x14'-10½" feet

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