Good Ideas for Small Bathroom Designs with Shower


  • 6'-0"x8'-0"
  • Covered Area

Small Bathroom Designs with Shower

We give to you some example of small bathroom designs with shower. People often do not know how to design small bathrooms due to space constraints. They neither want to overdo the bathroom interior nor keep it simple. Finding a midway to this is a bit of challenge where one wants his/her bathroom to look properly designed but also want to keep it a bit simple.

Option 1: Dark grey and White Bathroom with Round Mirror

The interior of this bathroom is done in dark shades. Overall, the ambiance of space is dark. The dark grey walls, although in contrast, match well with white marble flooring. Round mirror adds a unique touch to the bathroom.

Option 2: Grey Tiles with Off-white Tile Flooring

The interior of this bathroom is also done in grey and white palate. It is comparatively lighter than the previous option. The eye-catching element is the wooden vanity that is opposite to the overall interior. It helps tone down the overall mood of interior.

Option 3: Off-white Tiles with Pink Vanity Wall

Two options are given in this combination. Option one has white shower area with pink painted vanity wall. As for second option, the only difference is that the entire shower and vanity wall is done in white tiles. Both these bathrooms have same grey pattern flooring.

Option 4: Grey and White Check Pattern Tiles with White Flooring

As for this option, the grey and white check pattern tiles highlight the shower area, and the toilet area is done in dark grey paint which looks very well with the rest of the interior.

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Updated on March 11, 2023 at 11:55 pm
  • Design Size: 6'-0"x8'-0" feet

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