Grand And Simple Interior Options for Entrance Lobby Design


  • 14'-0"x9'-9" (Including staircase)
  • Covered Area

Interior Options for Entrance Lobby Design

Entrance lobby Design might be the most ignored interior category for the house owner. It shouldn’t be like that because entrance lobby is literally the prime area of the house a person steps foot in. Being at the front, it is the first space of the house that people see and experience. So, it is vital to design it in a such a beautiful and elegant way as it not only gives a good impression about the house, but also represents the owner’s personality. Here, we have shared with you two options for entrance lobby design to show the significance of the space, and it should not be taken lightly when designing your interior.

Option 1

The first option for entrance lobby design is palatial and luxurious. The designer has taken rather a grand approach to this interior instead of keeping it simple. To begin, the color palate, off-white and golden-brown, although is subtle, it is accentuated by chandelier lights. Warm ceiling lights gives a fancy touch to the interior. Furthermore, the ornate mirror wall besides the staircase makes the lobby seem wider and lavish. The diamond style flooring pattern matches well with the white ceiling having a brown zigzag boxed pattern. Wooden doors with frosted glass compliment the entire interior.

Option 2

For the second option, the designer has taken an opposite approach as compared to first one. The interior is quite simple. The plain marble flooring compliments the entire interior. The brown strip running on the sides of marble floor ties the whole room together. The dark brown ceiling adds an element of beauty to the otherwise simple lobby interior. Overall, the interior is quite elegant and beautiful.

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Updated on March 11, 2023 at 11:56 pm
  • Design Size: 14'-0"x9'-9" (Including staircase) feet

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