Stunning latest bathroom design in Pakistan new for you


  • 11'x8'
  • feet


This is a stunning and latest bathroom design in Pakistan of large house which will be new for you. Modern bathrooms reflect both style and functionality while adapting with modern interior design elements. Some common characteristics of modern design are seen in this bathroom design include minimal use of color, sticking to neutrals, black and white, and then adding an accent element. Accent element in this is the Black Marble Vanity Wall bringing on a Postmodern feel. The Black Strip that runs horizontal to the wall helps the eye to travel all around the bathroom, thus combining the whole bathroom together. A metallic finish for faucets and fittings, especially in stainless steel or chrome is also seen in this modern bathroom design.

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Updated on January 23, 2023 at 2:39 pm
  • Design Size: 11'x8' feet

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