Latest Bed Wall Designs for Normal Sized Bedrooms


  • 12'-0"x14'-0"
  • Covered Area

Latest Bed Wall Designs

We give you latest bed wall designs good for normal sized bedrooms. People now a days want emphasized and exaggerated bed walls, thus making it as an accent wall of the room. Designing a bedroom interior has always been on priority for both the designers and house owners, so a lot of time is invested while coming up with a creative interior design idea.

Option 1

The designer has taken a loud and vibrant approach to the design of this bedroom. Although the accent wall is designed in striking colors, the dark blue painted wall with brown wooden louvers come in contrast to each other yet they give a lively look to the interior. The off-white color tones down the loudness of interior and ties the whole room together.

Option 2

As for second option, the bedroom interior is dull yet sophisticated. The dark grey-brown band running on the side of the room adds another character to the room. The wooden louver on the bed back looks beautiful. Overall, the interior is quite elegant and sophisticated.

Option 3

This bedroom is particularly designed for girls. The dominant pink color gives a feminine feel to this bedroom. The brown wood paneling on half wall breaks the feminine touch this bedroom would have had. Overall, the interior is pretty and beautiful.

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Updated on March 12, 2023 at 12:08 am
  • Design Size: 12'-0"x14'-0" feet

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