Simple And Best Small Office Design Idea


  • 23'x49'
  • Covered Area

This simple and small office design and décor project was handled by our firm Ghar Plans . Both designing and implementation at site was our responsibility. The focus of this firm was to design small office on the lines of a fuss-free space with never a boring corner.

As small offices have storage space issues, proper cupboards have been designed on the wall to minimize this issue. An Employee’s Area have been separated from the main reception area by a wooden partition wall. This is done so that a small space can be divided into two spaces that serve a different purpose. Secondly , the Interior of main office is kept quite simple and elegant. The cupboard design on the the wall is done so to not only resolve the storage issue but also to make this wall as a feature wall. The main focal is this wall as the rest of the walls are kept plain and simple.

Overall, this office is a perfect example of simple, elegant small space design.

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Updated on February 23, 2023 at 2:12 pm
  • Design Size: 23'x49' feet

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