Simple Pakistani Kitchen Cabinet Designs


  • 9'-6"x9'-7½"
  • Covered Area

Introduction: Pakistani Kitchen Cabinet Designs

In these, multiple Pakistani kitchen cabinet designs are given for the same kitchen. There is not much difference in the design and layout of the kitchen, only the different color combinations are given. Surprisingly, these combinations are not common for a Pakistani kitchen, yet they look absolutely beautiful.

Option 1: Pakistani kitchen cabinet designs

This grey and white kitchen design is, although comparatively common, is absolutely gorgeous. The grey floor cabinets match well with the grey flooring, but in order to break the dullness of grey color, white overhead cabinets are designed in contrast. To tie up these two cabinet designs in a single unit, white backsplash with colorful tiled strip run on the entire lengths of wall. Over, this kitchen is simply elegant and appealing.

Option 2

This royal blue and white kitchen are not at all common color combination for Pakistani kitchen design, and most people would not like to prefer such option for their kitchen, but surprisingly, this color combination worked quite well. the blue floor cabinets look amazing with white overhead cabinets and grey floor. This kitchen design is prefect for anyone who is not shy to have bold color in the interior of their house.

Option 3

This option is not much different from the previous, except only the pastel blue color is used instead of royal blue color with simple white backsplash and white cabinets.

Overall, these kitchen combinations are simpler and elegant.

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Updated on March 12, 2023 at 12:20 am
  • Design Size: 9'-6"x9'-7½" feet

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