Wonderful Interior Design Idea for Drawing cum Dining Room


  • 18'x28'
  • Covered Area

This wonderful interior design idea for drawing cum dining room is done by our firm Ghar Plans . Houses up to 10 Marlas have combined drawing room with the dining room. Having an open floor plan that blends together drawing and dining areas can feel like an interior challenge. You want to create separation while preserving the open flow of the space. In this his visualization of a combination drawing and dining room, division is created in the space not by using walls or dividers, but by drawing the eye toward the large floor to ceiling textures that run alongside the “Drawing Room” of the open floor plan. To help, we’ve compiled some examples of drawing and dining combinations, including that show how positioning furniture, using color, or playing with layout can make a space feel completely beautiful and functional.

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Updated on February 22, 2023 at 5:51 pm
  • Design Size: 18'x28' feet

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