Beautiful Bed Room With Simple And Natural Scheme



The interior design of this bed room with simple and natural scheme is focused on creating a warm and cozy atmosphere through the use of simple and natural scheme. The walls are painted in a dark grey color, which adds to the richness of this room. A rectangular pattern of wooden trims is used on the wall behind the bed to frame the wall sconces and the painting over the bed.
One of the most striking features of this bedroom is the study desk and wooden shelves, which are placed right beside the entrance. The whole wall is utilized to create a functional workspace, while the wooden shelves add an element of visual interest to the room. On the opposite wall, a huge corner window lets in natural light, enhancing the simple and natural scheme used. The natural light also accentuates the wooden beams on the ceiling, which create a stunning visual effect. The ceiling is the main feature of the room, with its dark textured surface and wooden beams forming squares.
The floor is covered with dull wooden textured tiles, complimenting the rest of the textures used throughout the room.

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Updated on May 3, 2023 at 12:34 pm

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Junaid Parwaz
  • Junaid Parwaz