Dining/Sitting Room Set Design That Works Best for Interior


  • 14'-0"x28'-0"
  • Covered Area

Best Dining/Sitting Room Set Design

This dining/sitting room set design works best for any type of interior as the it is quite neutral, and the theme goes with almost every type of space.

Interior Design

The pictures display how one can do interior design of a combined dining and sitting area that is sophisticated and elegant. Overall, the interior style of the space is a classical, but it oddly looks good.

Overall, the wallpaper, placed on upper half wall, of the dining and sitting area is done in golden beige floral motif that gives this space a classical look, thus combining the space in a single unit instead of entities. The rectangular molding runs on lower half of walls. These two different styles of wall are separated by cornices band running horizontally.

The floor is covered with dark beige marble tiles. The furniture selection is done carefully keeping the flooring and wall style in mind. To accentuate the furniture style, the sofa sets with dark grey, brown is placed. The dining chairs, in contrast to sitting area, is kept light.

There is another sitting area option. It is different from the rest of the options as the sofa set itself is light but patterned cushions are placed on it, the table style has a classical touch to it due to the floral motif placed on it. Overall, the interior is grand.

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Updated on March 11, 2023 at 11:46 pm
  • Design Size: 14'-0"x28'-0" feet

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