Formal Living Room And Dining Area


Our team designed this formal living room and dining area for our client. They required something easier to maintain and yet formal. Our designers came up with a neutral color palette in browns and beiges. The floor is finished in shiny beige marble textured tiles. On one side a comfortable sofa set occupies the floor while the other side is reserved for an eight seater dining table. Walls are kept in a soft beige tone. Three spacious windows open views to outside, as well as let the interior flood with natural light. Ceiling is also kept very minimal, with recessed lights illuminating the room with their warm light.
The customized tall double arched mirror is the highlight of this interior. With its brass border and unique design, it is giving the whole room a very grand look.

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Updated on July 14, 2023 at 6:33 pm

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Junaid Parwaz
  • Junaid Parwaz