Stunning Lounge With Open Kitchen- Décor That Blows Your Mind


  • 24'x18'

This stunning lounge with open kitchen is designed by our firm Ghar Plans. The plan and requirement of the client was to have an open kitchen so that a smaller house looks vast and open. They wanted the rooms of their house to look big as it was a 10 marla house. The intention of the family was that only closer family members will be allowed access to the lounge.

Kitchen is kept open when the acquaintances are not allowed in the room adjoining to it. In our culture in Pakistan, there are two disadvantages for an open kitchen. One of those i have already explained and the other one is that if the exhaust and ventilation is not appropriate, the house becomes smelly. If you want to keep an open kitchen, you should keep in mind that these two disadvantages of open kitchen are catered for and tackled appropriately.

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Updated on March 13, 2023 at 3:34 am

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