Modern and Spacious Navy Blue Lavatory


This modern and spacious navy-blue lavatory design is using a contrast of tones to achieve a statement look that is balanced. The top portion of the walls is painted in a matte deep blue shade, balanced by white marble textured tiling on the walls up to 4’. By doing this, the dark tone of blue is balanced and made to not look too overpowering, and the bathroom achieves a bright and spacious look. The floor tiling is an Oak shade wooden textured porcelain tile which gives the bathroom a sense of warmth and comfort in a very modern language. This light shade of wood pairs very well with the dark blue tone. The bathroom is spacious enough for two toilets, so an eastern commode is added to one side with a wall-mounted modern flush on the other side. The sanitary fittings used in this bathroom all follow the gold theme used for fixtures and fittings here.

A minimal and thin-framed glass door for the shower cubicle adds to the contemporary feel of the space. The walls in the shower cubicle are tiled with the same marble textured white tile used on the walls in the bathroom. The modern and stylish vanity is the real attraction of this space; a round golden bordered minimal mirror is fixed on to the wall which looks very sleek as compared to a full-length fixed wall mirror that is commonly seen in bathrooms. The vanity cabinetry has a simple ribbed pattern on its front and is complete with gold handles; this part of the vanity resembles a stylish dressing table as it is complete with gold legs which is very different to the in-built wall mounted vanities usually used in bathrooms. The vessel sink is placed on the marble countertop of the vanity and is also a very contemporary choice of sinks for bathrooms. This area is further highlighted with a pendant light to one side which gives the space softer light and adds a touch of class as a decorative feature.
The ceiling lighting in the bathroom is minimal using recessed down lights which also help in creating a minimal, contemporary feel for the space.

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Updated on July 21, 2023 at 4:19 pm

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Junaid Parwaz
  • Junaid Parwaz