New 1 Kanal Front Elevation Design in Bricks


  • 40' Wide
  • Covered Area

1 Kanal Front Elevation Design in Bricks

This 1 Kanal front elevation design is done in red brick. Although such style is designed in classical elevations, designing a Modern elevation in bricks is quite unique approach and surprisingly looks beautiful and elegant.


Option 1:The white U shape band in contrast with black Jaali patterns looks quite well with red brick. This is very common combination for brick elevation, but the elevation is composed in such a way that it beautifully balances the whites and blacks. Overall, this elevation is beautiful.

Option 2: The red brick elevation with concrete finish is one of the most used style combinations yet it looks elegant. The elevation is beautifully composed in which the concrete finish is well balanced with brick work. Overall, the elevation is elegant.

Option 3: This option, and my personal favorite, is all in red bricks. The uniqueness of this elevation is that it is adorned with multiple brick patterns. This makes elevation standout from the rest as the rawness of red bricks with multiple designs in bricks look eye catching and appealing .

Option 4: This elevation design is more or less similar to the second option. The only difference is that, instead of U-shaped concrete finish, two parallel bands run on the main mass of the elevation. This looks nice as it is not over doing the elevation design, thus keeping it simple and stylish.

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Updated on September 20, 2023 at 12:06 pm
  • Design Size: 40' Wide feet

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