New Good Looking Kitchens in Lahore


  • 12'x14'
  • Covered Area

New good looking kitchens in Lahore are quite hard to find. That is why this firm Ghar Plans have designed a kitchen that suits you best. It is very difficult that yellow is the main color of your room and it suits the overall ambiance of the room.

A design element often used in modern kitchens is to place an emphasis on long, wide, horizontal lines and flat surfaces. There’s some logic to this as flat surfaces are easy to clean and cook on and add to the functionality of a modern kitchen design. Also, horizontal lines add length to a room and using horizontal lines, from the design of the floorboards, layout of tiles, and even the pattern of drawers, helps emphasize the overall sleekness of the modern kitchen design.

Another design element of a modern kitchen is the use of the flat-panel door style or slab-door style on their cabinets. This makes storage space discreet and simple. Cabinets and other storage spaces are often built in or placed close to the walls and counters. Modern Kitchen Style favor frameless or full-overlay design styles. Here, the door of the cabinet over laps the cabinet, thus when the cabinet doors are closed the cabinet frame is covered for a very sleek appearance.

Design elements of storage in a modern kitchen sees the virtual elimination of cupboards or other storage spaces high up on the walls. Hardware used for modern kitchen cabinets are sleek and simple. Stainless steel, aluminum and other modern metals are often used in modern kitchen fixtures and appliances. As part of the overall simple aesthetic of a modern kitchen, appliances are often kept in appliance nooks where they can be easily accessed but also do not clutter up the countertops.

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Updated on February 23, 2023 at 12:23 pm
  • Design Size: 12'x14' feet

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