Simple And Normal House Front Elevation Designs For 1 Kanal


  • 56' Wide
  • Covered Area

This is a normal house front elevation designs for 1 Kanal house. This beautiful elevation is designed using the scenic elements of modern style. Due to its well designed spaces, the elevation is designed in masses. The massing of elevation creates a beautiful skyline of the house. The variation in styles of louvers on different faces of elevation help in connecting the massing of the design and make it seem like a complete unit. All the masses have views to main and private lawns.

The texture variation in form of brick , the grooves and louvers add character to the elevation. The brick on wall and framing around windows add a bit of contemporary touch to the otherwise modern elevation. The brick adds character to the elevation, thus breaking a typical monotony. The off white and grey tiled with wooden textured louvers look really elegant. The color theme of this elevation is kept neutral. Over all, this elevation is absolutely spectacular and amazing.

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Updated on March 12, 2023 at 12:19 am
  • Design Size: 56' Wide feet

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