Architectural designing contract drafted by expert

Architectural designing contract drafted by expert



This contract is by and between Mr/Mrs. (Architect/Designer) on behalf of (company name with address) , hereafter, called the Designer and client Mr/Mrs. (owner), located at (current address) hereafter, called the Owner for the Architectural services, to be provided on plot at (site project address).

The terms of this contract include and shall prevail over any conflicting provisions in the documents incorporated by reference. If a conflict exists, both parties are to mutually resolve the conflict.

The owner, hereby, agrees and engages the services of the Designer, and the Designer hereby accepts the engagement to design and to do the work hereinafter, specified by the owner.


Following services are to be provided by the designer:

  • Layout Plan
  • Elevation in 2D & 3D
  • Architectural working drawings
  • Structure drawings
  • Plumbing drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • Interior drawings
  • Interior 3D Rendering

The work will be initiated after signing the contract by the owner, with deposit of advance amount of Rs._________ which is 25% of the total contract amount of Rs.______________ . The owner will share all of their requirements to be incorporated in the layout. Once the layout plan and elevation in 3D are finalized, the second payment of Rs. __________, which is 25% of total payment, will be paid and working drawings will be initiated.

After the completion of working drawings, the 3rd payment of Rs. ________ which is 25%, will be paid, and the Interior Design phase will be started after a discussion between the owner and the Architect/Designer.

After the completion of ground floor Interior design, the owner will pay the last payment of Rs. ___________ after which, the remaining interior design and the working drawing sets of interior will be delivered.


Designer will provide soft copies of all layouts in PDFs and 3D render images, along with the hard copies of the following set.

  • Ground floor layout plan
  • First floor layout plan
  • Front elevation 2D
  • Front elevation 3D
  • Working drawings
  • Structure drawings
  • Plumbing drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • Interior design renders
  • Interior design working drawings

The hard copies can be mailed anywhere in Pakistan only.

5 site visits will be provided.


The owner is liable to pay the following sum of amounts totaling Rs. _______________ (Rupees

In words only), in order to get the work swiftly completed.

The payment schedule will be as follows:

FIRST PAYMENT 25% (Advance)

SECOND PAYMENT 25%  (On receiving layout plans and 3D elevation)

THIRD PAYMENT Rs. 25%  (On receiving architectural working drawings)

FOURTH PAYMENT 25%  (On receiving interior working drawings)


  • The scope of work needs to be finalized before signing of the contract.
  • It is not possible to decrease scope of work once the contract is signed between

Owner and Designer. In case of increase in scope of work, addendum for additional work will be attached to this contract.

  • For extra site visits, Rs. ____________ (Rupees In words) per visit will be charged.

——————————-                                                                                                                            ——————————-

——————————-                                                                                                                            ——————————–

On behalf of designer                                                                                                                                    Owner

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