Biggest Interior Design Mistakes And Their Solutions


We neglect lots of interior design mistakes but the biggest interior design mistakes that we neglect are highlighted in this video. We will tell you how to avoid those interior design blunders and solutions to fix them if you have made them already. What are those common mistakes that we make?

1: MISTAKE: Not measuring the space before buying anything for that space and not measuring the room as well:

SOLUTION: If you don’t measure the space before buying anything for that space, the article that you have bought might not fit into that space or might look odd in that space. The solution of this is that you measure the spaces before going for searching or shopping something and have idea that how much space you want that furniture or decoration piece to fit into.

Interior design mistakes

2: MISTAKE: Hanging wall frames or paintings at wrong location, wrong height or in a wrong symmetry

SOLUTION: Some people hand the pictures too high and some people hang it too low so hang it at the right height. If you feel that your painting or wall hangings are not at the right place, fix it now. If you are placing multiple paintings, place them in symmetry. Check also that all the paintings are hung straight in your house. While hanging the picture keep make sure that your photo frame is at eye level which is normally 5 to 5 and a half feet. If you are hanging group of frames, make sure that the centre of the group should come at 5 to 5.5 feet. The largest frame amongst them should be in the centre or centre bottom. If the wall where you are hanging frames is narrow and you have to hang multiple frames in it, hang them in columns. If you want to check the placement of frames first, you can cut the paper or card of that size and check it by putting them on the wall. You can also do art scaling so that you know how large painting so you put on a specific wall. Before making a hole in your wall, just check the straightness through bubble leveler.

 3: MISTAKE: Curtains can make or break the complete interior design of your house. It is possible that you choose the wrong curtains or hang them wrongly and people even don’t feel like living in that room or don’t choose sitting in that room. If you have too small curtains it looks that you have washed your curtains and they have shrunk.

Spooky Halloween background with a grunge effect

SOLUTION: Make sure your curtains start from almost top of the wall to the floor. If you have crown moldings in your house, make sure that the curtains start 1-2 inches below the crown moldings. Take the measurement when you plan to buy curtains or whenever someone comes to take measurement of the curtains stay with them and explain them curtains should start from where and end where. There is a possibility and both look ok whether your curtains just kiss the floor or are spread on the floor a bit.

4: MISTAKE: Window rods are just to the space where the window are ending

SOLUTION: Keep the rods 4-6 inches outside the place where window is ending. They should not be suffocating the windows themselves.

5: MISTAKE: Small curtains are used and when they are placed in front of the windows, they straighten out.

SOLUTION: Use cloth almost double of what your window size is.

6: MISTAKE: I now don’t like the furniture that I have purchased

SOLUTION: Normally choose your furniture in neutral colours. If you want to add colours to it, you can add pillows and cushions to it and create a contrast. Playing around with colors is not a bad option but don’t do it in expensive articles which could not be bought again.

7: MISTAKE: Placement of rugs is a major issue when they are placed in a room

SOLUTION: Either you can place furniture on the rugs completely or if you can’t do so, just place the furniture with their front legs on the rug.

8: MISTAKE: Wires are exposed in your house

SOLUTION: Conceal the wires which are connected to the switches. Also, if you can conceal some of the other wires like LCD wire and AC wire, do so. Lastly, if the wires are exposed and open, conceal them before you get the painted next time.

9: MISTAKE: You don’t want to take any risks in interior design

SOLUTION: Take some brave steps and make some changes. Its not always good to play safe

 10: MISTAKE: Your house or room is too cluttered

SOLUTION: You should de-clutter your house and try that if you have over filled room, you should try to adjust that to an empty room. Also, consider selling some household items.

11: MISTAKE: Having single light source in a room

SOLUTION: Have multiple light sources and attach them with different switches. Use ambient lights, accent lights and task lights.

12: MISTAKE: I don’t understand the interior design of my house

SOLUTION: Make a layout plan of every room of your house and think on it

13: MISTAKE: Paint is not matching the interior of house

SOLUTION: Next time when you plan to paint your house do it prudently. Change paint of some walls.

14: MISTAKE: Furniture is pushed with the walls

SOLUTION: Remove some furniture from the walls and create its symmetry

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