Choose the Best Flooring for House in Pakistan

Choose the Best Flooring for House in Pakistan

Flooring For House in Pakistan

Today we will guide you in choosing and selecting the best options for flooring for house in interior design, Pakistan. There are lots of factors in this blog which will help you choose the right floor for each room. The floor changes from room to room due to certain variables. These factors should be in your mind when you plan to choose flooring for your house. When we talk about flooring, we have multiple and vast options. Whenever we have lots of options, it becomes difficult to choose one. Lots of people change paint of room, change décor and try multiple renovations still their room doesn’t look attractive. They don’t change their floor. Changing floor can improve the looks of room and you might not have to change any other thing. When you tend to change the flooring, following questions can come in your mind like safety, slip resistance, foot traffic, food or drink spillages and which floor will be easier for cleaning. Following are the factors that you should look into:


Don’t get the flooring done on which there are cracks on the floor, which is slippery and is uneven. So, whenever you are deciding your flooring focus on factors like safety and slip resistance. These should be at the top of your mind.


Lots of interior designers talk of budget, but here I will talk on value for money. Even if you have to pay a little more for something where you get a lot higher value for many, choose that option


Every type of flooring is not good for every type of room. Good options for bedrooms are carpets, laminated floors, wooden floors, ceramic tiles and marble flooring. For bathrooms, good options are tiles (both ceramic and porcelain). Marble is also a good option. If your room gets lot of sunlight, use engineered wood, porcelain tiles or vinyl flooring. For porches, terraces or verandahs, use concrete, marble or porcelain tiles. In utility rooms use stain resistant flooring like porcelain or ceramic tiles and you can use vinyl flooring as well.


In addition, you need something which looks good and suits your style sensibilities. Check your living lifestyle like sitting habits. People have habit of sitting on the floor


When we talk of floor, functionality has to be kept in mind. The floor you are getting has to be kept in mind. The floor you are getting done, keep functionality in mind rather than keeping in mind the trend. Would give you example of dining room so let’s say you choose wooden floor for your house; it will not be a very good option because it will get scratches on it as there is high movement of furniture.


Floor installation is a huge investment in terms of money and time. You need to choose a floor which lasts more, looks good and new but unfortunately this is not possible. Bathroom, kitchen and entrance lobby should have tougher floors.


Get the floor installed which can be installed easily. Vinyl, laminated and carpet are the options which can be installed in few hours. Some floors like tiles are marbles are very difficult and time consuming to get done once we are getting the house renovated. In case you are getting a new house constructed, it is easy to get the floors done with tiles and marble because at that stage time is not a big concern as lots of activities are going on parallel0


Select the floor which is easy to clean and maintain so keep this in mind that how much time you can give to your flooring daily or weekly. Normally cleaning is done daily but do keep in mind that in Pakistan cleaning is almost done on daily basis. If we take example of tile, we will need to clean it daily and after 1-2 months we have to do deep scrubbing of filling materials.


Before choosing the flooring option make sure that your room color is decided. Also, if you can decide color of your interior, it will make easier task for you. You have to consider artificial lights and natural lights with choice of the floor color. Take few samples and try of flooring options and try to keep them with colors or your walls and it will give you some idea that what is the right color of the floor for you.


Always choose reliable and trustworthy brand for your flooring. If you are trying to choose any material and are unable to find trustworthy brand or reliable dealer, my suggestion and advice would be that skip that brand.


Always choose the flooring where it needs to be installed. Suggestion is that don’t choose the flooring at the shops rather bring samples at home and think for a while that which option will suit you the most. Another good option is getting the 3D views of the room done by the interior designer and you can get the colors amended on the computer rather than getting it done when it has been installed.


If you or your family has allergies to certain material, keep that in mind before finalizing flooring. Some people have allergies to some types of wood, or some people have allergies to the carpet so don’t use that floor.

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