What Astonishing Double Height Space Design Can Do

Mesmerizing Double Height Stair Case Design

No architectural feature adds drama to a space quite like a double height ceilings. In language of architects, a double height space is when the ceiling is roughly twice as high as the ceilings in the other rooms, providing home owners with aesthetical virtues like  soaring, open space and striking natural light.

Although double-height spaces have its own advantages, it comes with great challenges too. Decorating a double height room requires a lot of brain-storming and often you need a professional help to fill up the huge space. If not done properly, the space will be unattractive as a big void will be clamoring for some attention and aesthetic sense. 

It is in this point where textures and decoration elements are of great importance as they give a unique and distinctive character to the space. Additionally, through the double height in architecture, the big walls play a major role, becoming a unique canvas where one can be creative, thus making a space more exclusive and unprecedented.

So here we are to accept the challenge. We have come up with amazing modern and elegant designs of double-height spaces that will leave you mesmerized.

High light the height

In order to create an overwhelming impact in the interior of double-height spaces, make it the center of attraction of the space by focusing attention on the height. This space, which usually is the living room, is the most popular space of the house where the family and friends love to hang around making the most of the openness and spaciousness of this area. To make the space impactful, define a focal point and then highlight it enough to make it sensationally attractive.

Flowing with space

The double height entrance hall design gives a feeling of openness and brings in fluidity into the atmosphere. But if your double-heighted room is connected with other spaces as well and is visible from there, it is vital to integrate and maintain the privacy. Separate such private areas from the social space. You can do so by using sound proof glass to cut the sound as well as isolate the room thus protecting the privacy of the residents.

A Play of Texture

 Texture plays an important role in the decoration of the room. It enhances the design and gives it a unique character and depth to the décor. The ambiance of the space depends mostly on the selection of materials. Release your creativity; infuse multiple textures on the walls and floors, add a bit of distortion to bring a bit of drama in the double height spaces etc., thus creating the space with artistic excellence.

Keeping up with the space

It is important to choose the decorative elements that will match up with the dimension of this double height ceiling. Size matters especially if you want the space to look stylishly elegant.

Go contemporary

The coolness of glass is perfectly complemented by the warmth of wood. Together they create a magnificent space. Wood and stone is of high preference if you want to bring in chic style with cozy warmth and natural elegance. Everything about double height spaces like the long lamps hanging from above, huge painting, perfectly sized furniture and other details have enough texture and ideal colors to liven up the space.

Ultimate sophistication

The curtains play an important role in any room. It is a decorative element and also essential for its functionality. Choose the curtains to enhance the style of the space and decorate it with élan. Opt for the curtains and blinds which are easy to handle and can maintain your privacy and cut out the lights when needed

Pay attention to detail

The double-height rooms have colder environment than the normal height rooms. It is important to bring in the warmth through the furniture, furnishing and decorations. Paying attentions to detailing will make a huge difference. Velvet and leather fills the room with warmth and elegance and when matched with soft carpet under the feet, it creates magic. Shine of the long lamps and the freshness of the green plants in this region painted in neutral tones make it a magnificent space.          

A piece of art

If the view from the large window is not very appealing, then divert the attention from there and make the wall adjacent to the window the focal point of the space. To do it successfully, paint this wall differently from the rest of the walls and place a monumental piece of art on the wall that is in harmony with the dimension of the space. We have talked about placing paintings on the wall. But instead of putting on several paintings just use one beautiful art piece to adorn the wall and let it fill the space with its splendor. If there is a beautiful garden outside then bring the freshness inside through the large glass doors. Create harmony by selecting right colors and arranging the furniture in a proper way.


Therefore, the double height has become an icon in modernity, because of both its clear open personality and avant-garde character. A wide serene space which has an impact on the people provides psychological well-being to those who enjoy this.  Ranging from living rooms with upper access to a reading room, libraries fitted with galleries where books are in reach, or rooms and unique offices characterized by ‘high’ ceilings. Whatever the architectural design and functionality provided to the space are, a double-height installation in a house turns out to be elegant, original and exclusive.

In order to see some more double height lobbies being made in Pakistan, click on the link below: https://gharplans.pk/design/office-entrance-lobby-design/

In order to see a video on double height spaces you can click on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_XTThwgKpc

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