Features of Good plot for constructing house in Pakistan

Features of Good plot for constructing house in Pakistan

In this blog, we are going to share with you that what are the features of a good plot for constructing house. Once you know about it, you will be able to know the best plot for constructing a house in Pakistan & India. So, we begin with what are the factors that you need to keep in mind in order to get a good plot. Once you know these factors, what benefits will you get?

Firstly, you will be able to buy a cheaper plot which eventually will help you in getting savings for the construction. Hence you can start construction quickly and also enhance the construction by injecting in more money.

Secondly, you can enhance the living of your neighborhood because you will be buying a plot in the area which is better suited to your needs and wishes.

Thirdly, if at any stage you tend to sell the house or plot, you get better returns and value on it. The first thing that you need to consider is the location. If you get a better location, it is the key to success. Location can be enhanced with the knowledge that there is any road or underpass which is in plan to be constructed; you can buy a plot over there.


Similarly, if there is no premium on the corner plot or plots facing parks, then you can get that location too. You can also foresee that is there any probability that the plot will be a commercial plot in any future times to come. If this is the chance you get your residential plot commercialized, it is a jackpot.

Next you should consider is the orientation of the plot. A good orientation of plot for constructing a house is south facing for cold areas and North or North east facing for hotter areas.

Do negotiate with the property dealers and seller of the plot. Do believe in them that the price is fixed and sometimes the property dealers even tell that the maximum negotiation has been done by the property dealer himself. Always try to further negotiate the price.

Buying an odd plot in Pakistan and India is not a bad option. The odd plots are normally 20-25% cheaper so if you buy an odd plot and get it designed from an expert, you tend to save lot of money. Also, the designs will be available with you and structural, plumbing as well electrical details will also be available. So, in that way, you will get each and every detail of your house and save money as well.


Always choose a safe and secure society because one incident could disturb you and your family. Maybe you have to come to a situation where you leave the house and shift to rented house. Also, the value of your house goes down. Buy a plot where there are lots of parks and green areas. This will keep you and your kids healthy. If we start thinking like that, all the builders will have to add green spaces to their housing societies.

Always think that how would this place look like 10 years down the road? Will the neighbors be good and education, will there be enough greenery and will there be basic amenities available. Do check with the neighbors before buying the plot that they are not facing any problem in that area.


Check for the soil, sub soil water and if you get any doubts, do get the soil investigation report done. Check whether all the basic amenities are available over there and also ensure that the place where you are buying a plot to construct your own house, that mobile and internet signals are available over there.

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