Should You Construct Basement On You Plot?


Should I construct a basement on not on the plot that you have. You will get idea whether you need a basement during house construction or not. Assess whether you need to construct basement or not for your house. We will ask you few questions and share multiple choice answers where every answer will be assigned with certain points. In the end you will check the total that you have attained. This total will be added by you and we will give you the ranges that in which range of points you should consider making basement whereas in which other range you should not consider making a basement.


The questions that we are going to ask are as under:

1.How deep is your plot from the road level?

Option 1: My plot is less than 2 feet deep from the road level Option 2: My plot is 2 feet to 5 feet deep from the road level Option 3: My plot is deeper than 5 feet from the road level For option no. 1, you get 0 points, for option no. 2 you get 5 points and if you opt for option 3 you score 10 points.

2.What is the type of soil of your land?

Option 1: The soil of my plot is normal Option 2: The soil of my plot is saline Option 3: The soil of my plot is rocky.

3.What is the price of your plot?

Option 1: The price of plot is more than 10 lacs per marla Option 2: The price of plot is between 4 lacs per marla to 10 lacs per marla Option 3: The price of plot is less than 4 lacs per marla

4. In which city is your plot located?

Option 1: Your plot is located in 6 largest cities of Pakistan which include Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad & Peshawar Option 2: Plot is not in the large 6 cities but is comparatively larger city. Plot is in the smaller city or town

5. What is the minimum and maximum temperature of the city where you plan to construct a basement?

Option 1: Maximum temperature doesn’t go beyond 30 degree Celsius and minimum temperature doesn’t go in minus Option 2: Maximum temperature remains between 30 degree and 45 degrees and minimum temperature doesn’t go below minus 5 degree Celsius Option 3: Maximum temperature goes above 45 degree Celsius or minimum temperature goes below minus 5 degree celsius

6. What is the size of your plot?

Option 1: Less than 7 marla Option 2: Between 7 marlas and 20 marlas Option 3: More than 1 kanal

7. What do you have to do once your house gets complete on the plot that you have bought?

Option 1: Sell the house Option 2: Rent out the property Option 3: Shift yourself and your family into the house once it is complete

8. Do you have some additional funds or will you be able to arrange some additional funds?

Option 1: I will be able to arrange funds or i have funds Option 2: I have a tight budget for constructing the house and i will not be able to arrange any more funds than my budget Why did we give certain points to each option which will further elaborate the reasoning of giving certain points.

In question 1 we asked the depth of the plot. The deeper the plot from road level, the lesser excavation it needs. As the foundation has to be started from natural surface level which means consumption of building material is high once our plot is deeper. If the plot is deep, basement is a viable option. If the plot is not deep, you will need excavation for the basement so starting from ground floor will be a better choice.

The second question was about soil of your plot. If it is saline, don’t make a basement and if you make basement your cost would go high. Rocky soils normally need smaller foundation so you can omit basement.

We asked about price of plot, because the expensive the plot, more viable it is to make a basement. The expensive the plot the lesser chances that you can add extra land to it.

Larger cities were given more points because you find skilled labor for constructing basement. Basement is normally recommended in extreme temperatures. as it is very warm. Basement will remain cold and if it is very cold basement will be warmer.

Normally it is viable to construct basement in houses from 7 marla to 20 marla. Smaller plots are difficult to construct basement and larger plots have luxury for space. Renting is not a good option if you have basement as you will not get value for your plot. ROI on basement houses is also less if you plan to sell it but if you want to live yourselves it is a good option as you will have cozy living space. If you cannot arrange additional funds, as basement costs more, don’t go for basement idea in your house

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