Beautiful Front Gate Designs


Beautiful Front Gate Designs

Front gate designs are the first thing a visitor notices when they come you house. The front elevation of a house showcases the front door, entry way, windows, front porch, the façade of the building and anything that presents itself when you view the house from the front. Therefore, when designing a house, a lot of emphasis is laid on the front elevation as that is where guests and visitors form their first impressions.

One of the main features of a front elevation is the main gate. The front elevation gives an insight into the taste of the homeowners. When constructing a house, people spend a lot of money on choosing the main gate. Let us take a look at some of these stunning front gate designs.

  • Contemporary gates
  • Automatic gates
  • Stylish palace gates
  • Wrought iron gates

 Let us discuss these stunning designs for the main gate in detail.

Contemporary Gates

Contemporary Gate-Front gate designs

 If you are looking for a modern and chic design for the main gate then this type of front door will best suit your needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune in bringing style into your home.

 If you don’t like intricate designs for your main gate, then go for smart metal door handles and a big wooden door. This will add a little oomph to your front elevation. The sturdy metal door handles and the strong wooden door will fulfill its function of providing you safety while not compromising on style.

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates-Front gate designs

Automatically controlled main gates are getting popular among homeowners. There are many stylish designs available when it comes to automatic gates. You can use wooden gates, grill gates, metal gates or a mix of these. You can also choose from sliding gates or swing gates as per your convenience. These remote-controlled gates not only provide safety and security, but also give your property exclusivity and enhance curb appeal.

It is quite common to see automatic gates in the driveways of huge mansions, ranches or palatial homes. However, in recent years, this amenity can be seen in an average house too. Automatic gates are installed in all sizes and in all price ranges.

 Stylish Palace Gates

Stylish Palace Gates-Front gate designs

Have you seen big mansions boasting palace-like gates in front? Have you secretly wished to own such a house for yourself? You can definitely try your luck in installing a fancy palace-like gate. These are relatively pricier than the average main gate. Homeowners looking to build an A+ category house in Pakistan usually go for such types of gates.

You can also go for an elegant wooden gate as the driveway gate. It goes well with properties having a garden and also with those houses that have a concrete driveway. You can go for a sliding wooden door or the swing door – both look spectacular. The grandeur of wood cannot be underestimated. It is classic, elegant and stands the test of time.

Wrought Iron Gate

The wrought iron gates in Pakistan are somewhat common but you don’t have to be plain boring when opting for iron gates. Go for bold colors, style and different designs when choosing this design for the main gate. There are intricate symbolic designs etched on the Iron Gate, or you can go for the typical grill gate made of iron.

Whatever you choose and select, it should harmonize well with the rest of the house’s design. So, these were some of the best designs for the main gate.

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