House Designing

Different types of House Plans Pakistan you need to know

In this blog we will talk about different types of house plans Pakistan (house plans being constructed in Pakistan) that you need to know if you plan to construct a house or planning to design it Modern House Plans Modern house Plans in Pakistan present regular exteriors, flat roof and straight line elevations. Normally glass, concrete and steel is used in it. Concrete, most of the times, is...

Creative and beautiful ways to utilize building setbacks

What are setbacks? You may have wondered, why leave so much space around a building, when you can utilize building setbacks for so many other activities. But the authorities, depending on where you live, make you follow some basic rules for a building design, whether you like it or not. You have to follow these building codes for design and then get your design approved by the relevant...


Need to do some updates around the house but think you lack the funds for any worthwhile home improvement projects? Did you ever wish that you could give your home new looks without the extensive cost and time of a complete renovation? We’re all in favor of affordable improvements that can add value to your home and maximize how you use your living space. As the saying goes: Don’t move,...

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