Bold And Beautiful Living Room Idea in Pakistan


  • 15'-4½"x19'-6"
  • Covered Area

Living Room Idea in Pakistan

This is the best and unique living room idea in Pakistan. This bold design is a very unusual for interior of living room. As people mostly prefer subtle and sophisticated living rooms, having a lounge with bold theme is not much appreciated. Living room, being the most commonly used area of the house, experimenting on the interior design and decor is never an option. So, in order to change that mindset, we have proposed an interior design for you that is bold yet beautiful with ultimate elegance and sophistication.

Interior Design and Decor

The overall theme of living room is quite vibrant and considerably loud, but it looks posh and stylish. To begin, this room has two focal walls. Both the walls have their own style in such a way that they both do not undermine the effect of one another.

The media wall is the first focal wall of the room. The light wood TV console with light wood and white shelves put against the light grey painted wall add an element of elegance to the room. The design is not over done. For the second eye catching wall, it is the one opposite to the media wall. The light wood louvers vertically styled against the light grey wall, although in contrast, look fantastic with black and white paintings. The louvers also match the ceiling; thus, it becomes a cohesive element that ties the whole room together.

Furthermore, the sofa set style is the vibrant factor in the interior decor of this room. The dark blue sofa set with grey-brown accent chairs match the overall interior of the room. Such sofa set style is absolutely appropriate for the living room of this size.

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Updated on March 13, 2023 at 3:22 am
  • Design Size: 15'-4½"x19'-6" feet

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