New TV Lounge & Dining Room Design


This small new TV lounge & dining room design area is a cozy yet stylish space that makes use of neutral materials and textures to create an inviting atmosphere. The design incorporates different patterns and textures, adding interest and a dimension to the space.
The media wall is a simple yet elegant marble textured with four wooden panels on either side, providing a warm touch to the living area. A rope light runs vertically behind the marble panel, adding a subtle yet effective accent.
The feature wall of the living room and dining area is particularly interesting, with a geometric pattern made from wooden trims. The wall is painted in a cool shade of grey. A fireplace is located in the middle of the room, serving as a focal point and highlighting the division between the living and dining areas. This creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for spending time with family and friends.
The wooden paneled partition wall provides a little privacy to the dining area from the entrance, and is complemented by a semi-circular mirror with an intricate wooden textured wall at the back, adding an extra layer of depth to the whole space.
The floor is kept simple with a clean, white finish, as are the rest of the walls and the ceiling. This creates a sense of space and openness, allowing the textures and patterns of the furniture and decor to take center stage.

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Updated on March 13, 2023 at 3:51 am

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Junaid Parwaz
  • Junaid Parwaz