Smart and Beautiful storage spaces in House designing

Smart and Beautiful storage spaces in House designing

Organizing your house comes with fair share of challenges, one of which is obvious: finding storage spaces for all of your stuff—and most of all, just making space! After all, you do not want odds and ends everywhere. It creates an appearance of clutter. Instead, you want plenty of open room to move around so you feel like you can breathe.

Storage spaces

Storage is more than towering book shelves and unruly closets. Truly great storage solution change how we live and, in turn, opens up rooms and spaces of our daily lives. Designing useful smart storage does not have to be a daunting Endeavour. With a few helpful pointers, you can take haphazard layout, wasted spaces or cluttered interior to new heights.

As we explored through Architectural design, finding the right storage solution can take many different forms. Smart storage solution help you declutter your space to create more livable and open rooms where you can easily move about.

To solve the problems, decorators and architects have taken on the challenge of creating storage space in houses. That is what I want to focus on in today’s video—elegant and unexpected storage solutions which allow for dual functionality while maintaining an open, airy feel inside even the tiniest of homes

Go Vertical:

Vertical space often goes to waste in most homes. An entrance foyer with a high ceiling is nice; however, turning that space into a useful loft is a creative way of increasing your living space. By doing so, one family can enjoy this beautiful loft for work and play.

Under the stair storage:

Have a traditional staircase in your home you do not want to replace? You may be able to create a more effective cupboard under the stairs through this clever method. Here we have three different compartments, which ascend in height along with the stairs to maximize usable space. Here is the amazing part; when they open, they pull out to reveal a series of long shelves extending all the way to the back wall!

Utilize Floor to Ceiling Storage:

Here is another storage solution I like. This entire room has a very clean, open look to it, with plenty of room along the side of the bed. This is accomplished by consolidating all the storage in the room to one set of cubbies which spans from floor to ceiling. Traditional storage solutions usually only stand half as high, which is why they end up taking up twice as much space on the floor.

Consider Spatial Function

In planning out a space, do take in consideration its storage needs. Ask who will be using each room, as well as what activities will happen there. How do you enter and exit and how much space do you need both now and in the future? Go through your design room by room. Consider what you don’t want to carry throughout your space, like backpacks, jackets and shoes. Some items can be grouped together depending on a room’s use.

Go Modular

With a solid grasp on the program, also consider modular design. You can break down larger rooms into smaller useable spaces, and in turn, find modular storage solutions that break down storage spaces into drawers, cabinets or shelving that fits your specific needs. Consider open, modular shelving for display, as well as furniture pieces that can be swapped out to different rooms as your storage needs evolve over time.

Raised Platform

If your ceilings are tall enough, consider adding a raised platform to a room (or part of a room, if you’re in a loft or studio) and you’ll be able to stash all kinds of things within it: suitcases, winter coats, or even a whole extra mattress for when unexpected guests appear on your doorstep.

Built-in Nooks

Be inspired to create a cozy built-in reading nook in your home, a special place where you can relax with a good book. Try to set aside at least 20-30 extra minutes every day to enjoy your nook or alcove space. Be sure it is designed in an area that is quiet, whether it is in a spare bedroom, your home office, under a staircase, a spare closet, a corner space. Optimize storage space by taking full advantage of your nooks. Build in a small desk area that meets all of your work from home needs or maybe just add a bit of extra seating with an armchair.


Same part of the apartment, different functionality: Build cabinets on top of the floor and you’ll be able to easily compartmentalize—and access—clothes and supplies.

Storage cabinet under bathroom tubs:

Okay, so this is the most famous form of house storage in the world. Seriously, if you start looking at house storage ideas, you will see these in almost every house you look at. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t showcase it. It’s a genius idea which saves a ton of space, and architects really should start using it in all houses.

Add Shelving under your sink:

The shelving isn’t being used here, but you can see how clever it was to install it underneath the sink in the bathroom. True, you could go with cabinets, but the long, open shelves seem to better utilize the available space.


Now you have seen 10 genius storage ideas inspired to be built and incorporated in house design. So if you feel you’re running out of space in your home , don’t move…improve! Some of these ideas are easy and involve simple adjustments to your décor or furnishings, while others are big custom jobs which you need to build from the ground up. All however encourage you to look at the space you inhabit in a much bigger and useful way.

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