Boundary Wall Designing Ideas | Tips to make it beautiful

BOUNDARY WALL DESIGNING IDEAS | Tips to make it beautiful

In this blog, we have all the information about boundary wall designing ideas. Designing a boundary wall is important and it should be as good as your front elevation. Only then you can get a good look of your house that you desire.

Cost of boundary wall is very important when you are designing a house in Pakistan. Designing can include vertical gardens, water feature, travertine tiles, mural art on wall, metal jaali and you can even accessorize it. You can either use some of these in your boundary wall or all. It totally depends on your choice and taste. But make sure you don’t add too much design elements to it.


Whenever we are roaming around or searching for a good designed house, the first thing that grasps our attention is the boundary wall. If a good boundary wall is made, the front elevation of the house, if not properly made is covered with the compound or a boundary wall. The benefit for a simple and modern boundary wall design is that it is eye catching, attractive and longer lasting in its beauty.

The splendid exterior designs especially the boundary wall or compound walls depict builders and home owners in different cities are keen to create a great first impression of their house. As the people have started spending higher amounts on construction as the price of plots have gone high, they are not only spending well on their interiors but they are also spending heavy amounts on their facade or exterior and boundary wall is part of it.


Architects have also been able to convince their clients in Pakistan and India to think and work on the designs of boundary wall or compound wall and they are working and striving hard to come up with good designs. Bricks cement and plaster, pre fabricated and even glass boundary walls have been introduced and people and architects are willing to innovate and come up with the best possible solutions. Marbles and tiles are also being used in the boundary wall and LED lights are used which give fabulous look to the exterior. In addition to that wood cladding is also introduced in boundary wall designs.

When you are building a house, the type of boundary wall is one of the things you need to decide. The outer wall of your home is much more than a boundary fence that marks where your property ends, and the street begins. Of course, it should protect the privacy of your home, but more importantly, the outer boundary wall design for a home should elevate the overall style of the façade.


 How high should the wall be? What materials are suitable for building these outer walls? What design should one choose? To answer these questions and more, we present this guide to boundary wall designs for Indian homes. When designing a wall along the perimeter of the property, one needs to consider the height that is ideal for protecting the house from prying eyes of passersby or neighbors. However, it’s also essential to ensure that the boundary wall is not so high that it diminishes the curb appeal of the house by blocking most of it from being seen from the street. Striking a balance between style and functionality is the key to choosing the right height for the wall.


Besides beauty, one should consider other practical elements such as an appropriate height that prevents burglars from easily jumping over the wall. In some urban areas, the corporation or municipality might have restrictions regarding the height of the boundary wall. If the house is on a busy street, then a taller wall can minimize the street noises as well as pollution. Therefore, it’s wise to determine the height after considering these factors.

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