Hygge Interior Design For A Cozy Life Style At House


What is hygge?

Hygge, a Danish concept, is centered on coziness, wellness and kinship. The term is general descriptor of togetherness and wellness. This is what some of us want in our life and these are the people who need Hygge house. But the question is:

How to have a hygge lifestyle in your house?

When looking around your home, what comes to mind? Mismatch furniture thrown into disorder? Make a mess of unnecessary decoration pieces on every corner of the house? NO!

The main idea of hygge décor is to create a peaceful, serene space that is free of clutter. In deeper meaning, it is more about enjoying life’s simpler side by     V creating a sense of tranquility through clean design.

In order to have hygge life style, you need to have a cozy décor that puts a positive effect on your health and happiness. After all, who doesn’t like a light, calming happy House?

We designers look at spaces that can function in a variety of ways. In order to design a space, we go on a quest to discover your favorite things: An art piece, color, or old piece of furniture. We designers make sure that we give a space that is serene and free of clutter.

So, here are a few ways to add hygge into your lackluster spaces:

Create a comfortable atmosphere:

Coziness is the key when it comes to hygge décor. One way to do is by decorating with fluffy pillows and a soft comforter. Create nooks like a window bench or a love seat. These make a great place to relax with a good book. Decorate spaces with accessories like throw blankets, throw pillows or faux fur area rugs as they help to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Stick to neutral color scheme:

The color scheme for your home should never be too over whelming. Everything you add to your hygge home should contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Sticking to a neutral color palette is important when creating a relaxing space. Using pastel colors like light grays, browns and creams will create a comfortable area for you and your guest.

Let there be light:

We’re all about daylight, but there comes a time of the day to wind it down.

Be very careful about over-using full spectrum daylight bulbs, as they can spoil the mood and your circadian rhythm later in the day.

Another way to make your interiors feel more comforting is by adding of warm glow. We designers suggest turning off overhead lighting around dusk and switching to low lights—lamps, sconces—to create a cozier lighting scheme.    

Decorate with candles

When you think of candles, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps its romance, a relaxing bath or a calm night with a book. These are the things that encompass the hygge lifestyle. The soft and kind glow of a candle cannot be replicated by anything else and should be used throughout your house to create a warm radiance. Candles with comforting scents will further add to peace and serenity. Aromas like ginger, vanilla and cinnamon contribute to relaxing atmosphere.

Mood Lighting:

Set the tone with string lights for a diffused source of illumination. Hang them in a living room, dining room or a bedroom. Use fairy lights to illuminate a fireplace mantle, adorn windows or add a glow inside the fireplace in place of a fire.

Celebrate views of Nature/ outside:

The stormier, windy, rainy, cold or snowy it is, the more Hygge it gets on the inside! Views of nature have been shown to restore our capacity for focused attention, so they are great for school and work places too!


Along with being super stylish these days, houseplants are another great way to usher positive energy into your place. Not only can plants instantly brighten a dark corner or empty shelf in your room, they purify the air inside your home so you feel better, too.

Nooks and small places:

These often get forgotten, especially in big projects. Don’t underestimate the power of nooks, whether it is an informal chat space or “phone booth” at work, or an entry area to your house that can actually deal with all the clutter that tends to accumulate there. Not only this, it can also be a comfy space in which you can enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee.

Mind you Materials:

For a naturally feel-good atmosphere, we designers recommend sticking to mostly organic furnishings. Stay away from high-shine materials like lacquers and metals that create an artificial sheen. Instead move toward woods, ceramics, stone, plaster, and other unrefined materials that offer a natural warming quality.


There is certain mindfulness to hygge. The infusion of warmer tones, natural elements and gentle texture make a house a cohesive unit. Such design has proved to be able to bring people together while still staying in their own personal and comfortable space. It is being present in the moment and brings a sense of wellness to your life. Whether you are incorporating hygge décor into one or all the rooms of your home, stocking up on candles and wool socks, or preparing your favorite soup, you are living in the moment and creating a new “feeling” in your life.

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